• Written portions of assignments are due at the start of class (12:00pm) on their due date. Digital submissions (e.g. code, PDFs) are due by 11:00am on Blackboard (so that students show up to class on time).
  • The schedule is subject to change, as the semester progresses, however any changes will be made at least one week in advance of the dates affected.
  • You are expected to have completed the Jurafsky and Martin readings before class on the days indicated.
  • "JM" refers to the Jurafsky and Martin textbook.

Week 1.
24-Aug-11: Introduction; Programming primer
  • READ: JM 1
Week 2. 31-Aug-11: Regular Expressions; Scala

Week 3. 7-Sep-11: Finite State Automata

Week 4. 14-Sep-11: Morphology, Finite State Transducers, XFST

Week 5. 21-Sep-11: Computational Phonology, XFST

Week 6. 28-Sep-11: Finite State Optimality Theory, XFST

Week 7. 5-Oct-11: N-grams
  • READ: JM 4: 83-101, 104-105
  • DUE: Project Proposal [DUE at noon on 7-Oct-11]

Week 8. 12-Oct-11: Part-of-Speech Tagging, Hidden Markov Models

Week 9. 19-Oct-11: Categorial grammar; Meaning Representations

Week 10.
26-Oct-11: Categorial grammar (continued)

Week 11. 2-Nov-11: Categorial grammar (continued); Parsing

Week 12. 9-Nov-11: Parsing (continued)
  • DUE: Homework 4: N-grams and POS Tagging
  • DUE (Nov 14, 11am): Project Progress Report

Week 13.
16-Nov-11: Machine translation (slides)

Week 14. 23-Nov-11: No class

Week 15. 30-Nov-11: Project Presentations

  • DUE (Wed, Dec 7, 11am): Homework 5: CCG and Parsing
  • DUE (Tues, Dec 13, 11am): Project Final Paper
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